Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Guitar Power Chord Lesson

Guitar Power Chord Lesson
...there's more than 1 way to play a power chord!

This is a cool guitar power chord lesson and video for those of you starting out with rock guitar. Find out how to play power chords on electric guitar and make them sound great! Not only that, but we'll explore a couple of other ways to play power chords that even some more advanced players may not know.

Who's This Rock Guitar Lesson For?

If you have a burning curiosity and desire to find out how to play power chords on guitar, then you're in the right place :-) Even if you know the basic ones that everyone learns in the beginning, I'm certain that you'll learn at least a couple of new things in this lesson.

Important Guidelines

Have your amp set to a good rock sound. If you're not sure, see amp settings for some basics to get you started.

Make sure your guitar is comfortable. I know, your favorite rock star might wear his or her guitar really low...but they've been playing a long time. For now, learn to get a clear sound. That means your hands will need to be in a good position to play the guitar power chord. You can gradually get used to playing standing up and after a year or two start to experiment if you want to.

Continuing with the above point...the headstock of your guitar should be somewhere around shoulder height. I'll demonstrate in the guitar video lesson.You'll also be able to see the positioning of my hands.

Make sure your pick is not too floppy. A Fender Medium is a good place to start if you're not sure.

Strings go E A D G B E from low to high. Thick to skinny. Ceiling to floor ;-)

As usual, I cover all the points in the guitar video lesson. It's very helpful to read over this though. There are also guitar power chord diagrams below. The number at the top of the chart is the fret position. On the A5 chord you'll see a 3. That means the chord diagram starts at the 3rd fret. Got it? :-)

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