Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guitar Lessons Resources

if you're new to guitar there's no better way to quickly memorize chord shapes than by drawing them on a fretboard. You'll still have to actually practice them of course ;-)

And if you've been playing a while -- even a long while -- these fretboard sheets are incredibly effective at helping to learn the guitar fretboard. Everything from advanced moveable chord shapes to arpeggios and scale forms can be drawn out. This practice improves memorization and retention by utilizing more of your sensory input. That's one of the main reasons for this lesson page to exist! To help you in every way possible with making your practice time yield quality results.

I hope you find these lessons resources as useful as I have. I've got pages and pages of various arpeggios and chord shapes mapped out! I like to use red or black ink. Try it :-)

Questions? I'd love to hear your questions and feedback about guitar playing or this website. Contact me here. Thanks for tuning in and tuning up!

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