Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guitar Chord Lessons Show How To Add Flair to Basic Guitar Chords

Guitar Chord Lessons.
Add Some Flair to Basic Chords

So your can strum some basic chord guitar... now what? These free guitar chord lessons teach some cool techniques that add flair to basic guitar chords.They aren't difficult...just takes some patient practice.

If you know how to count and tap your foot while strumming basic chords, you're ready for this lesson. If you can't tap your foot and strum go to guitar strumming patterns. Work with the information in that lesson and then come back here. Bookmark this page so you won't forget :-)

All the lessons in this 'Acoustic" section of the website are connected. None of them are truly independent...but they each stand on their own. Certain techniques or concepts that are presented in other lessons will definitely help with the techniques or ideas in other lessons. Sometimes its important to understand material in one particular lesson before going to the next lesson. When that's the case, I mention it and include links. So once again, be patient and have fun. Explore.

What these Guitar Chord Lessons Cover...

It's not necessary to "give" the whole chord away. Breaking the chords up into smaller pieces sounds more interesting.

Dynamics... What? Playing soft to loud and in between. Makes a huge difference in how musical your acoustic guitar playing sounds.

Using some alternate picking to arpeggiate the chords.

Maintaining a steady sense of timing while doing this :-)


This chord lesson is on how to break up chords. Read through the instructions below. Everything is demonstrated in the guitar chord lessons video.

Grab a C chord in open position. The rhythm is in what's called a cut time feel. Don't worry, just follow along with the video.

The beats that fall on the numbers are downbeats and the ones that fall in between are upbeats.

Hit the root of the chord on counts 1 and 2.

Hit string 4 open on count 3. Hammer on with your 2nd finger for the offbeat.

On count 4 hit open G string with an upstroke.You'll also need A minor in open position.

You'll be counting 1 2 3 4 5 6 with the strong accent felt on 1 and 4. In other words, we're in 6/8. Again, it's demonstrated in the guitar lesson video.

This exercise will use alternate picking throughout.

On beat 1, pick down on string 5 while grabbing a C major chord.

On beat 2 pick up on string 3.

On beat 3 pick down on string 2.

Switch to G/B chord.

On beat 4 pick down on string 5.

On beat 5 pick up on string 3.

On beat 6 pick down on string 2.

Switch to A minor chord in open position.

On beat 1 pick down on string 5.

On beat 2 pick up on string 3.

On beat 3 pick down on string 2.

On beat 4 pick up on string 1.

On beat 5 pick down on string 2.

On beat 6 pick up on string 3.

Whew! That was a long list of instructions. Once again, watch the guitar chord lessons video. It'll help you to understand these instructions even better.

Any of the other ideas for these guitar chord lessons are in the free guitar lesson video on this page.

I hope these guitar chord lessons are helpful to you and your guitar playing. Thanks for joining me here and allowing me to play a small part in inspiring you to keep dusting off your guitar :-)

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