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How to Play Electric Guitar. Free Guitar Lessons that Deliver.

How to Play Electric Guitar...
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Learning how to play electric guitar can be frustrating. There's so much information out there. These free electric guitar lessons and videos point you in the right direction so that you can enjoy learning. When you enjoy learning, you tend to practice more. When you practice more you tend to get better. When you get better, you tend to enjoy learning...

Where To Begin

If you're a beginner, I would recommend starting with beginner guitar lessons. If you really want to learn to play electric guitar, please don't be in a rush. Make sure you get each piece of the "puzzle" along the way.

You really should know how to play all the basic guitar chord charts. Click on the preceding link if you're not sure. If you know those basic chords or variations of them, we're good to go.

How to "do" these lessons...

The best way to approach these electric guitar lessons is to take an honest look at your own playing. Just saying "it sucks" doesn't help you pinpoint the areas that need work. Read through whatever lesson you're working on carefully - and if there's a guitar lesson video on that page, watch it.

Go through the above procedure for each lesson that interests you. Not only that, but I strongly suggest repeating each of your lessons a minimum of 3 times. That way, it becomes like a seed that grows as you nourish and water it. It will eventually expand into all your guitar playing. It does take some discipline to learn how to play electric guitar - but it truly is worthwhile :-)

Fun - da - mentals...I spelt it like that on purpose. If you're like most guitar players, there are some huge gaps in your knowledge. Those gaps always point back to fundamentals. What are fundamentals? To start with, I'm amazed by how many students come to me and they don't know what the controls on their electric guitar are for. Or how to get a good sound from their amp.

On the other hand, If you've been playing for a while, you're electric guitar playing is probably "stuck" in a rut. You play the same tired old licks. In your case, you could benefit from learning the guitar fretboard more thoroughly.

People who are in the beginning stages of how to play electric guitar need to stick with basic stuff. Like picking, simple rhythm guitar, pentatonic guitar scales, etc. If you take an honest look at your playing, you'll be able to figure out for yourself what needs work. And when you figure it out for yourself, you'll learn more.

Take a look at the guitar lesson titles and descriptions below. The lessons are designed to give you top notch instruction on how to play electric guitar. I'm sure you'll find something that can benefit you :-)

The Lessons

Amp Settings
The place to begin if you don't know how to get a good sound.

Guitar Power Chord
A great lesson to get your feet wet with rock guitar styles.

Rhythm Guitar Lessons
Now that you've got some power chords, how do you make them "rock"?

Guitar Bar Chords
These chords are essential to learning electric guitar. This lesson will help you to master them and know how to use them. Also learn the correct spelling for "barre" ;-)

Guitar Finger Exercises
If you're serious about your guitar playing, these exercises will turbo charge it to the next level very quickly.

Guitar Pentatonic Scales
The scales everybody learns when beginning lead guitar. Find out how to get more "bang for your buck" when using these scales.

Free Guitar Licks
This beginner to intermediate rock guitar lesson will give you new ideas on how to play better lead guitar.

Learn Guitar Fretboard
Do you know the names of the bar chords you've been playing? Learn the notenames quickly and easily. Here's how...

Guitar Scale Charts
Start learning guitar major scales with these free printable guitar scale charts and guitar lessons. Designed to boost the skills of intermediate level guitarists.

I hope you're enjoying these free lessons on how to play electric guitar. There's a ton of value here - everything you need to learn and improve your guitar playing. Please take advantage of it. I'd love to here your stories about how you stay motivated with your guitar playing. In the meantime, I'm grateful to be a part of what inspires you to "keep dusting off your guitar".


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