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Tune Acoustic Guitar Online...Helpful Tips

How To Tune Acoustic Guitar Online...
Works for Electric Guitars Too

Online tuners are easy to find on the internet...but how to tune acoustic guitar online is an excellent tutorial on tuning your guitar. A tuner is useless if you don't know what you're listening for. I've seen people who have been playing for a few years make basic mistakes tuning.

Here's An Online Tuner

...but continue reading below for some great tips to help you get the most out of the online tuner.

Important: Is Your Guitar Adjusted and Set-up Properly?

If your guitar is new it should be under warranty. Make sure to have it set-up within the allotted time period. This is usually 1 year. A set-up is like a tune-up for a car. It is crucial to the life of your guitar and to your guitar playing. You won't be able to get your guitar nicely in tune if it's in need of a set-up. A decent guitar is one of the few things in this world that holds its value. If properly maintained it can last for years. Be careful of extreme heat, cold or humidity. Find a good music store with an experienced guitar repair person. Ask them what you need to know about maintaining your guitar. It's a relatively inexpensive job, and depending on the specifics of your guitar it only needs to be done every 2-3 years. Please don't underestimate this important point.

One of the most frustrating things I've seen with beginning acoustic guitar students is that the instrument is too physically demanding for them to play. This can be remedied with a good set-up. The guitar technician can file the bridge saddle down or re-slot the grooves in the nut. The string action can be set lower and light gauge strings can be put on so that you don't need to wear out your hand just to play the guitar.

Tune Acoustic Guitar Online...

OK. So you hear the little digital noise on the tuner. Or, if you're tuning to a friend's guitar or a piano you hear a real sound. What now? Do you just randomly turn the pegs until you think it's in tune?

Before you begin, go through the following list of tips about how to tune your acoustic guitar online.

Which peg is connected to each string?

Which way do you need to turn the peg to make the pitch go higher? Lower?

Not all the strings are necessarily out of tune. I see this mistake often. People assume all the strings are out. Many times it's only 1 or 2 strings.

Take your time and actually listen. What's the rush? Slow down.

Some people need to do some ear training first. Can you sing the pitches of your open guitar strings? If not, or you aren't sure, you need some basic ear training.

If you can match those pitches with your voice, it means you are hearing it properly. Then you can match the string on your guitar to whatever you are using to tune up to.

Consider getting a pitch pipe or tuning fork. Keep it in your guitar case. That way you can tune up away from your computer. Or maybe you dropped your i-phone in a puddle. God forbid!

In summary...if you can't sing the pitches it's going to be just about impossible for you to tune acoustic guitar online... right now. But if you keep practicing trying to sing the pitches and hear them, you will soon make excellent progress. Then the online tuner will help you. So sing to the online guitar tuner first. Then try to match the guitar to it. Stick with it :-)

If you've got your own electronic tuner at home and the needle is jumping about wildly? Assuming your battery is still good, you'll have to know how to tune acoustic guitar by ear. At least to get it close enough that you can then run it through your electronic guitar tuner and it will be able to "read" the information correctly.

That sums up how to tune acoustic guitar online. I hope it made things easier for you on your guitar playing journey. I'm grateful to play a small part in inspiring you to keep dusting off your guitar :-)


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