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Secrets to Playing Guitar Revealed

Guitar Lesson Articles.
There Are No Secrets to Playing Guitar.

Do you believe there are secrets to playing guitar? Find out the truth in these free guitar lesson articles and lessons. Simply click on a link from the Table of Contents below that interests you.

Some people claim they have the secrets that "only the pros know". Or that there's some magical ingredient missing from your guitar playing - and of course, they can provide it ;-)

So much hype...don't believe it! There's only one secret to playing guitar. And it's the same "secret" that applies to any field. Consistent action. Applied and focused concentration.

When it comes to how to learn guitar, it boils down to TOI - Time On Instrument. Of course, some guy and gals will tell you they've been playing for 20 years. But they don't seem that fantastic. Why is that?

Did they play consistently for those 20 years? That means almost daily. They probably didn't. Personally, I believe in taking occasional breaks from the guitar. But that's only because I need one. I've been consistent. I actually improve and refresh in my time away from the guitar.

Another important guitar secret ;-)
Challenge yourself. Imagine if you were a bodybuilder and you want to increase the size of your muscles. You would need to have a discipline in place. You'd also need to progress - either by using heavier weight or doing more reps with the same weight, etc.

How do we do that with learning and improving on guitar? We set small goals or targets for ourselves. It's important that it's something we have control over. Such as," for the next 3 weeks I'm gonna practice alternate picking techniques for 30 minutes a day." Pick an area of guitar playing to focus on. If you have more time, pick 2 areas :-) Use your own common sense and intuition to guide you.

Don't end up playing the same things every day... set time aside for focused learning. New songs, new skills, etc. Also find ways to manage stress. It's a lot easier to learn when you're feeling relaxed and positive. Jamming with others is another great way to stay motivated and learn new things. Also, is there any way for you to perform? Check out some open mics in your area.

By all means buy that "guitar secrets" course. Take that lesson... if you know you're going to follow through. The teacher or guitar lesson video can't practice for you. There are no secrets to playing guitar - remember? At the end of the day, YOU teach yourself. Someone like myself is here to give you signs to follow. Just make sure you've got a clear and reliable map.

Practice meditation or do some deep breathing. Exercise daily or go for a walk after lunch. Whatever works for you. Slow down and pay attention when you practice guitar. There's no rush...and you know what the funny thing is? You make more progress when you're not trying so hard to make progress. Just do it :-)

Secrets to Playing Guitar ;-)

Guitar Playing Techniques
A guide to which guitar playing techniques to practice. And how to practice them.

Basic Scales
An article on the meaning of scales to the guitar player. How to practice and use scales.

Barre Chords
Gain deeper insight into the fretboard with this great guitar lesson on barre chords.

Ear Training
Can ear training really help you become a better guitar player? Wouldn't you be better off just playing more guitar? And just what is ear training? Let's find out...

Music Theory Basics
Beginning music theory can be overwhelming. This music theory basics article will help you see the forest for the trees when it comes to rhythm.

Hope you're enjoying these secrets to playing guitar. Of course, now we know there are no secrets ;-) Feel free to bookmark this page or share it with others. Best in guitar and Life,


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