Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toronto Guitar Lessons in the Beaches

Toronto Guitar Lessons

Toronto guitar lessons are available here :-)

If you're looking for fun guitar lessons that deliver results - if you practice! (chuckle) - then you're in the right place.

ADULTS...want to spice up your playing? Been strumming the same tired ol' chords for decades? I can show you how to juice up your playing.

GUITAR FOR KIDS...you'd love your children to get more exposure to music and learn to play an instrument? But the Conservatory style or Suzuki etc. seem too rigid and stiff. Perhaps music's an opportunity you never had as a child...

Adults, teens, kids, beginners... all are welcome! Toronto guitar lessons - aka Davidson Yeager - is pleased to serve.

Learn the basic guitar skills that will last a lifetime. Plus, I can show you how to play the songs you love that are in your i-pod!

Basic strumming, classic rock, folk, blues, jazz, lead guitar...Toronto guitar lessons has you covered :-)

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