Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to Play Guitar Notes the Right Way.

Do You Know How to Play Guitar Notes...
the right way?

Learn how to play guitar notes the right way in this easy guitar lesson. For the purpose of this lesson, guitar notes means how to properly press down on the strings. Are you here to learn how to read guitar notation or tablature instead? Click here to go to that page and find out how. Otherwise, stay here and learn some basic guitar playing skills.

This is important because that's how you get a good clear sound from your guitar. It doesn't matter if it's an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. You've probably noticed that when you play some of the basic guitar chords some of the notes(strings) don't ring.

What You need to Know...

Make sure you're holding your guitar properly as in basic guitar lesson
Use the fleshy part of the fingertip. As you advance, you'll begin using other parts of your fingers. For now, keep it simple.
Do your best to keep all the joints in your fingers "arched" and strong. Don't allow them to flatten or collapse. See photo below.
Check that your fingers aren't stopping other strings from ringing - as best you can.
Keep your finger close to the fret that you are playing. If you're playing the 3rd fret, keep your finger close to the 3rd silver fret wire.
Be patient and persist. This will allow you to build the callous on your fingertips that you need. You'll also be developing more strength and control in the muscles of your fingers and hands.

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